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Company background

Inspired by the ancient story of excalibur, Caroline and Wilson started a resume writing and language teaching (primarily in Mandarin) business in Toronto from 2018 onward. Just as Excalibur helped King Arthur to reign over Great Britain, our resume writing service will make your resume stand out and our language teaching service will take your language skills to a new level.

Experience & Expertise

Caroline has 10+ years of marketing experience. She has the passion to put all her energy and past experience into helping you build a strong resume that will make you attractive to potential employers. Our resume service will give you the best advice on how to present your resume and yourself!

Caroline has 7+ years experience in teaching english to corporate executives and 2 years experience in teaching a French ambassador. Learn Mandarin/English from us and you will be impressed as to how quickly you can learn the Mandarin/English!

Wilson has a background in a combination of IT and design work. He wrote a Python web crawler that helps one find the key word that one should target for potential employers. He also does great design work for resumes, making it stand out from thousands of candidates.

Unique Resume Skill

Our advantage is obvious: we use big data techniques to target keywords, marketing techniques to give the best shot with potential employers, and an awesome design layout to grab your next employer’s attention.


KEYWORD OPTIMIZATION TECHNIQUES: We help you to find the most useful keywords to put on your resume to attract potential employers


CUSTOMIZED RESUME DESIGN: We will make your resume stand out from thousands of candidates


BEST MARKETING TECHNIQUES:We will give the best advice on how to present your resume. Get ready to be hired!

Special Language Service

At traditional language education, students get bored having to remember new words and rules of grammar. In the end, they give up on learning and improving this new language. At Excalibur, You will learn both the language and the culture behind it and experience the fun of learning. Our customized materials will deliver the perfect language learning experience. Everything is tailored according to your need.


whether you are international students, new graduates, new immigrants, entry level professionals, or senior & management professionals, we help you get employed with our resume tips!
Suprised? Excalibur resume & culture service also provide the perfect language learning experience for you to learn Mandarin and English.

Template Resume

New Graduates

This package is offered to international students & new graduates. the package includes the use of big data techniques and marketing techniques to help write your resume and cover letter. Our Customized design will make your resume and cover letter as impressive as it can be. we only charge $180 dollars for making your resume and cover letter stand outs. Beside,We can also add a customized thank you letter and preparation with a 30 minutes face-to-face mock interview which no other resume writing service can offer. with full service is a $300 dollars investment in your career and, you will receive professional service that you can't find anywhere else.

unique new graduates resume service

New Graduates
Resume Service

New Immigrants

This package is offered to new immigrants, because of the cultural and language barrier, it takes usually around six month for immigrants to find the job and the job is not ideal. Our new immigrants resume service includes use big data techniques and marketing techniques to write resume and cover letter along with 30 minutes face to face mock interview because we take care of your language and cultural barrier. In addition, we build your Linkedin Profile Development page and connect you to the potential employer's source. with $330 dollars, you will receive the professional service beyond your imagination.

unique new immigrant resume service

New Immigrants
Resume Service

Entry level Professionals

This package is offered to entry level professionals, Our entry level resume service is offered to someone who has two to five years industry work experience and is seeking the career development opportunities. Our entry level resume service include use big data techniques and marketing techniques to write resume and cover letter, more than this, We build Linkedin Profile Development page and send the email and phone contacts to let you get connected with your dream company easily. with $400 dollars , you have just opened the door to the success of your career.

best entry level professionals resume service

Entry Level
Resume Service

Senior level Professionals

This package is offered to Senior level professionals, Our Senior level resume service is offered to someone who has 5+ industry work experience and is seeking a new challenge in their life. Our Senior level resume service include use big data techniques and marketing techniques to write resume and cover letter, more than this, We build Linkedin Profile Development page and send the email and phone contacts to let you connect with the senior or management level person. with $450 dollars , Good luck,You are ready to start with your new journey!

No.1 Senior level professionals resume service

Senior Level
Resume Service

Language Tutoring

Our Language teaching service provides you with one of the best learning experiences you will have. We deliver a customized curriculum and learning plan for you and let you experience the fun of learning Mandarin and English. At Excalibur, you will never feel tired of studying as we teach both language and the culture behind it. $40/hour , we build a language learning experience that you will never forget.


Language Tutoring Service

Testimonials user

resume objective "This service is just unbelievable. My resume was returned to me within a couple of days, looking absolutely phenomenal. I have been looking for a job for months, unsuccessfully and barely even getting a call-back. I have tried the different resume writing service, no returns. with Excalibur resume & culture Service, After TEN DAY of applying, I already received a call and I have an interview for a position that I always wanted tomorrow and I'm doing mock interview with them. I would strongly recommend this service to anyone. "

            -Ally Li Senior Accountant

skills resume "I made the best decision ever to get professional help with my resume and cover letter from Excalibur Resume & Culture Service. I have tried other resume writing company in Toronto before, None of them are very useful. Wilson was extremely helpful and his advice enlights my life! They have SPECIALIZED PROGRAM to find key word to put on my resume and match my past experience with those KEY WORDS. The revised resume and cover letter is stunningly professional and with beautiful design. You just can't find other resume writing service would provide you with such pretty design and they do capture the human resource's eyes and make your resume stand out! I am very pleased with the service and I would suggest Excalibur Resume & Culture Service to anyone. I guarantee that you will be satisfied with Excalibur Resume & Culture Service and get your idea job- just like me. Don't waste your time or money anywhere else, Excalibur Resume & Culture Service offer the service that you will be 100% satisfied. they are the best resume writing company that you can found in toronto. I am so thankful I have found Excalibur Resume & Culture Service! "

           -Carlos M Forecasting Analyst

example resume "Excellent way of learning a new language, Caroline is very professional, caring and patient. Their customized material and interactive learning experience is so much fun for learning a new language. Just like they promised, They teach Language and Culture behind it. I learned travelling Mandarin before I went to China to meet my client. SO HELPFUL. I use what I have learned from Excalibur Resume & Culture service to bargain at street shop and it works well! I highly recommend you to anyone out there seeking a language fluency "

            -Sharath D Realtor


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